What to Do on the North Shore Oahu…in the Summer

What to Do on the North Shore Oahu in the Summer

There is nothing like winter on the North Shore of Oahu. The seasonal swell that brings big waves to our shores makes wave watching an all-day activity in itself, and is responsible for the professional surf contest schedule that runs from October all the way through to February. The late autumn, winter, and early spring also shoves seashells and seaglass to our shoreline to offer beachcombers hours of treasure hunting opportunities. All of this is great news if you’re staying at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows during these aforementioned months. But what if you’ve booked a bungalow for your summer vacation? Do you have to drive all the way to Waikiki to be entertained? Certainly not! Below is a breakdown of what guests enjoy doing the most when staying on this side of the island in the summer.

Top 5 Summertime Activities to Enjoy on the North Shore of Oahu


North Shore Surf Contest Schedule (Winter 2023-24)

One of the biggest visitor draws to the North Shore Oahu in the winter are the waves. Accompanying the waves are a full slate of professional surfing contests, which are a real treat for guests of Ke Iki Beach Bungalows. They (you) get to enjoy high-adrenaline action within a short walk, bike, or drive from the property, along with related events (surf film premieres, etc.) occurring at Waimea Valley, Sunset Elementary, and in Haleiwa Town. You get to see world class athletes not just competing at Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Waimea Bay, but hanging out at Shark’s Cove food trucks and Foodland Pupukea. They may even be one of your neighbors at KBB!

Will you be staying with us this winter? Or do you plan to book a future stay during this special time of the year? Be sure to plan your itinerary around the current schedule below.

2023-24 Winter Season Surf Contest Schedule on the North Shore of Oahu for Guests of Ke Iki Beach Bungalows


What to Expect During the Winter at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows

Are you spending a slice of the winter with us on the North Shore of Oahu? Or do you plan to? Either way, you’re wondering what to expect when it comes to the months of November to February. While the temperatures don’t fluctuate much during the “four seasons”, there are some distinctions that make staying at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows (KBB) even more memorable. Curious? Great – let’s review!

4 Things That Make Staying at KBB Even More Memorable During the Winter Season on the North Shore of Oahu


Proud Supporter of the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout 2023

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout 2023

At press, the reimagined (copied?) VANS Pipe Masters just concluded on December 18 here on the North Shore. And in over a month the WSL’s Billabong Pro Pipeline is slated to begin. But there is one Pipeline event that locals and those in-the-know are most excited about – the annual Da Hui Backdoor Shootout – running from January 4 to 16 at the onset of the new year.


Proud to Support Local (Surf)

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout 2022

You can’t help but notice the signs leading to and from the North Shore. “Keep the Country, Country” is a monicker that has been adopted by this side of the island. However, it’s hard to envision the viability during certain times of the year, especially surf contest season which typically runs from October until late February to coincide with the winter swell. When the Billabong Pipemasters (now called the Billabong Pro Pipeline) and VANS Triple Crown are cued up it’s like a circus around here. And while all of the hoopla surrounding World Surf League (WSL) events are a lot of fun for locals and visitors alike, there is one contest that holds a special place in the hearts of us all here at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows – the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.


Don’t Forget to Look Up

Monkeypod Tree Ke Iki Beach Bungalows

Our guests spend most of their leisure time peering out towards the sands of Ke Iki Beach. It’s understandable. Who can resist the cyan tone of the ocean and a sky that changes as the sunrise gives way to the afternoon before descending into the sea? However, we encourage you to look up from time to time as you walk around the garden side of our property. Within its lush embrace sprouts the trunk of a magnificent Monkeypod tree that has lived here for over a century. It is what provides guests with a comforting canopy from the hot midday sun and tropical rain alike.


Where to Beachcomb on the North Shore

Best Beachcombing on the North Shore Oahu
Beachcombing gems found on one morning at Ke Iki

There is no shortage of pre-booked things to do on the North Shore. There are shark and whale watching tours, bike rentals, surf lessons, zip lining excursions, farm visits, horseback rides, and much more. But one of the most enjoyable activities for visitors doesn’t cost a thing – beachcombing. The same swells that make this neck of the island a hot spot for wave watching, bring an onslaught of treasures to our sands. On any given day (especially in the winter) beachcombers may come across seashells, seaglass, fishing floats and sinkers, driftwood, and all sorts of goodies that are ready for display back home on the mainland. That said, the popularity of this activity can make finding those nautical gems a challenge. To make sure you don’t get skunked on your treasure hunt, follow our guide to the best beachcombing spots on the North Shore.

Top Four Places to Beachcomb for Treasures on the North Shore of Oahu


Through the Lens: A Look Back at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows

Ke Iki Beach Bungalows - Robert Ryder Photography

Spring is upon us. The season represents a time of renewal, which is especially important as we all come out of the most trying time in our history. But it’s the latter we’d like to reflect on. Not 2020, but a look further back to the Ke Iki Beach Bungalows that our cherished guests first fell in love with. While we have undertaken some amazing renovations and our ohana (including you!) has grown in the last year, we’re taking a moment to time-travel through the expert eyes (and lens) of distinguished photographer Robert Ryder.

Robert and his family have stayed with us over the years. He could always be found at the break of dawn and again during the golden hours, wandering the oceanfront with camera in hand to capture the perfect shot. Recently, the esteemed lensman was kind enough to share his catalogue of breathtaking imagery of the property along with other vibrant scenes of the North Shore. We’ve selected a few photos to illustrate some impeccable moments that we hope you (and your own loved ones) will one day enjoy at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows.


Best Wave Watching on the North Shore

Most of us mortals don’t ride giants. We prefer to witness massive mounds of saltwater form and detonate from the safety of the shore. Yes indeed, it is a site to behold which is why people from all over the world flock to the North Shore of Oahu. Sure, the food is great. The boutique shops and galleries are delightful. The people are friendly, and the weather is impeccable (even when raining). But in the end, it’s all about the waves. That said, the seven mile miracle can be fickle and not all reef breaks and sandbars are created equally. To help with your plans to watch and photograph these natural wonders we have laid out the best spots to visit, and more importantly, where to stay.

Top 3 Places to Experience Big Waves on the Legendary North Shore of Oahu


Biking on the North Shore of Oahu

One of the reasons visitors choose Ke Iki Beach Bungalows when staying on the North Shore is that our property provides immediate access to the best bike path on Oahu. From the moment you leave our gate you’ll find the world famous pathway running parallel to Ke Iki Road. While you can certainly point your beach cruiser northeast, peddle, and have a blast it’s good to have a little guidance. Below we take a look at five can’t-miss (including one secret!) stops to check out along the way.

Top 5 Spots to Check Out When Biking the North Shore of Oahu from Ke Iki Beach Bungalows